GoOrca FAQ

  • What is GoOrca?

    GoOrca is a free online platform and community that connects CoV staff with potential carpooling buddies, making it easy for you to make your commute a greener one. Here’s how it works:

    1. Sign-up for GoOrca on this website, or through our Android or iOS app.
    2. Enter the date/times you wish to carpool
    3. Enter your start and end locations
    4. Choose from a selection of like-minded commuters who live and work near you to start a carpool!
  • Who has access to GoOrca? Is it free?

    Yes - this is a free service for all City, Parks, VPD, VPL, and VFRS employees. It also includes Vancouver Coastal Health staff, giving you even more potential carpool buddies.

  • Can I use GoOrca outside of work purposes?

    Yes! You’re free to use GoOrca for activities outside of work hours. It can be a great option to go green if you want to hit the slopes or take a day-trip to Whistler.

  • Is there a minimum commitment required (e.g. 3x per week)?

    No. GoOrca can be used only when you need it.

  • How much money can carpooling save me?

    Probably a lot, but it’s different for everyone. If we can say one thing with certainty, it’s that most people drastically underestimate how much driving a car costs in general. If you want to get a clearer picture of what that looks like for yourself, we would suggest taking a look at this car cost calculator from CAA, as well as this carpool savings calculator.

  • How much will I have to pay in gas?

    We can’t provide an exact number, but if you’re a carpool passenger we encourage you to contribute a fair amount toward fuel purchases. Most carpool buddies work out a number and schedule that makes sense for all involved.

  • Will other users see my home address?

    No, your exact address is not visible to other users. The built-in map feature only zooms in far enough so that other users can get a general idea of your starting point.

  • How do we arrange who drives?

    When you sign up, you are given the option of registering as a driver, passenger, or both. Those preferences can be changed at any time. When a carpool is formed, the individuals involved are encouraged to work out if one person will drive each time, or if there’ll be some sort of rotation or split.

  • Do I get active commuting points for participating?

    No. Active commuting points are reserved for walking and cycling only.

  • What if I have an atypical work schedule?

    That’s totally fine. When you sign up, you get to indicate the days and times that commuting by carpool would make sense for you. There’s no reason why the 9-to-5ers should be the only ones benefitting from carpooling!

  • What if I need to run some errands after work?

    You can still carpool AND get your errands done. Here’s how:

    • Many people enjoy the benefits of a carpool 2-3 days a week and take their own car the rest of the time. Setting aside a couple days each week to get errands done still allows you the flexibility of cutting down on commuting costs.
    • Another option is to use your own vehicle as the carpool vehicle. That way, it’s available to you at lunchtime to do errands and you still save money on commuting costs.
    • A third option is to check out the local carshare companies and access the hundreds of vehicles around Vancouver whenever you need them. BONUS: membership is free! Find out more on the carsharing page.
  • Which parking lots do we use?

    If you work on City Hall Campus, you’re welcomed to apply for a reserved monthly stall in one of our secure parking lots. Carpools are given priority, and a discounted rate.

  • Can you tell me more about that parking discount for carpools?

    We sure can. Parking discounts for carpools start at 20%, and they increase based on the number of CoV employees involved. Carpools of five (or more) CoV employees can get a free parking stall at one of our City Hall lots! And guess what? Children and non-CoV employees count as part of a carpool if you’re dropping them off within 1km of your workplace! Find out more here.