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GoOrca is VCH’s latest effort to help increase your commuting options. Signing up offers a quick, secure, and personal way to find potential carpooling matches. Create one or more Trip Profiles so you can search for nearby drivers or passengers looking get there together.

Your home address will never appear on any other match lists, and you choose who and when to contact a potential match.

You’ll be surprised to see how many colleagues live not far from you!

Shift Workers and Casual Staff

Feedback told us a better way to use the GoOrca app if your schedule varies from week to week.

  • See the attached for step by step instructions to Create Trip Profile named "7-day Snapshot"

  • The key item is to list ALL possible days that you could be working (without paying attention to this week's schedule)

  • Select all seven days

  • For consistency, list only the Day shift that includes 1200

Download the GoOrca App

Get directions, find rides, and log trips on the go

Carpool Bingo in November

We all win when we help friends get to know neighbouring colleagues. Fill in this card with names of VCH staff you’ve convinced to sign-up at to win a prize!